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“STUDIO FUSCRA” – We create products that are as imperfect as nature combining contemporary style with a unique story:
Our story begins with our love of nature and design; Where our products are related to Trees around us; This arboreal essence is within our fashion products.


Style & Fashion


Spice up your closet!

We create objects of fashion that reflect our love of nature and design. Each and every product is as unique as Nature. We create products that are one of a kind.


The wood we use in all our products offer a unique alternative to leather. We preserve the wood’s individuality allowing for each product to be unique and exceptional.


Our goods are made from high-quality raw material and professional craftsmanship.


All of what we do is original. We start from designing a fashion accessory and combine never-before-seen materials specifically for that design.


Each item has its’ own individual character exactly like people. Our fashion products are tailored to fit your own needs and style. Our high quality products enable you to express who you are through color and design.

Limited Edition

Our product lines are Limited Editions. We produce no more than 20 models per design. Each and every piece is individually hand-crafted. Our professional artisans take great care with each product. Keeping our focus on art and individuality each product is numbered and signed.

Our production process rethinks fashion and accessories in a new sustainable way. Our production process rethinks fashion accessories with minimalist design using only ecological materials and in full respect of the environment.

Fuscra document holder bag